What is Sessionz?

Posted by Carrie Wilkerson on

"What is Sessionz?"

I answered this question a while back, but I didn't give the thorough response that my supporters deserve. So, here it is.

Sessionz is therapy. Sessionz is the missing piece to your at home date night. Sessionz is the mood setter for the night cap you're going to have after going out or having that at home date night. Sessionz is the feeling you get when your boo comes home with your favorite *insert item here* after you've had a long day. Sessionz is the peace you need after your kids have been calling your name all day and crying because you won't let them eat that one goldfish that fell on the floor in the backseat of the car 3 days ago. Sessionz is the comfort you get when all of your friends show up at your house and y'all are *insert extracurricular activity here* all night, just having a good time. Sessionz is love. Sessionz is nostalgic. Sessionz is family. Sessionz is whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it.

I literally test every scent and I have burned every single one in my house, sometimes multiple times before I release it to y'all. When I describe a scent to you and use examples of feelings or moods or situations instead of actual fragrances, its because I don't want you to smell the candles, I want them to make you feel something.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog, the newest addition to my website. There will be many more posts coming! I have a few talents that I haven't revealed to the world yet, so stay tuned *insert wink emoji*.

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  • I have the Saturday Morning candles. It has a natural and refreshing smell. I’m impressed that the scent lingers hours after the candle is put out. These candles are very good quality.

    Ms. Benton on
  • I’m very proud of what you are doing with your business. The blog is an extra special component that I think will help you make a connection with your customers, keep it going! I look forward to what’s next to come….again great job!

    Karen Stanford on

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